The CapTex Tri presented by Life Time begins with a swim in Lady Bird Lake, with the spectacular backdrop of the downtown Austin skyline.

Bursting out of T1, athletes exit the northeast corner of transition, loop around the parking lot, then climb atop the South 1st Street Bridge. After crossing the bridge, cyclists head north to the Texas Capitol, return through the heart of downtown Austin on Congress Avenue and head west along Cesar Chavez Street and Lady Bird Lake, just past the MoPac Expressway, and back to the 1st Street bridge.

The run course runs across the South 1st Street bridge, loops through Butler Park and the Palmer Events Center before the rousing finish and lively post-race party at in the park with sweeping views of downtown!

Course Maps

Elevation Maps

Bike Course
Run Course


There are two transition areas, one for rookie and sprint distance and one for olympic distance events. Only participants are allowed into the transition area. Friends, family, children and pets must stay outside of the transition area. Racks will be labeled based on Age Group. Please rack neatly with your items under your bike. 7-8 bikes should fit per rack. There is overnight security for the entire site.

There will be mechanics in transition for any last minute needs and with bike pumps for airing up your tires. Once transition closes, you will not be allowed back in. Only participants are allowed in transition, friends and family (including children) must wait outside of transition.

Marking Your Spot

The best way to mark your spot is with a bright colored towel. No balloons are allowed and will be taken down. Do not tape or mark the transition racks.

Sunday Bike Check-In

Pre Race Bike Check In is mandatory for all participants.

All bikes must be checked in by 6:30 PM Sunday and you must be wearing your wrist band to enter T1. There is no bike check in on race morning. 

Bike Check In will occur on Sunday at the transition area on Auditorium Shores. Bike check in will take place by the first street bridge on the east side of Auditorium Shores. Please refer to the Site and Transition Map for location details. Your bike must be numbered, and you must be wearing your wristband in order to enter transition.

Race Morning Gear Check In

If you are bringing items to check in to transition race morning, you will enter through the “Run Out” gate on the west side on transition. The east exit will be closed completely.

Bike Check-Out

Bikes will not be allowed out of Transition until the final cyclist has completed the bike course. It is expected that this will be around 10:45 AM. Participants will be allowed back into transition after they finish, but bikes may not be removed from the racks. Please be courteous to your fellow participants.

Relay transition area

A designated relay area will be available near the run out area of the transition. Relay teams will use this area for both transitions. Swimmers will meet their biker in the pen. Biker will run to their designated bike rack, put on the timing chip and exit. Upon return, biker will rack their bike and meet their runner in the relay pen. Runner will exit to complete the race.


Aquabike is a swim- bike event. Aquabike participants start in their designated swim wave. Timing ends for Aquabike participants at the entrance to transition after the bike. From there they can take their time racking their bike and can choose to go through the finish chute to claim their finisher medal or can pick one up at the back of the finish chute.

Aquabike races are usually comprised of athletes who:

  • Are strong swimmers and/or cyclists
  • Enjoy cross-training for other disciplines
  • Do not enjoy or have an affinity for running
  • Have an injury that prevents any running or running long distances
  • Love the multisport lifestyle

Aid Stations

All aid stations will be stocked with water and sports drink. There are no aid stations on the bike course. There is an aid station at the swim exit.

There are 3 aid stations on the run course. With the looped course the run aid stations are passed at Mile 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.