2022 Quick Guide

This guide contains a one-stop overview of some of the most common information you will need to know for the 2022 CapTex Tri. There’s even a recorded LIVE Q&A with the race director, Dan Carroll, at the bottom. It doesn’t cover EVERYTHING so, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please check the other pages on our website for more detailed information.

We are also available through email and chat (located at the bottom right-hand corner) to help with any questions.

Packet Pick-Up Details

Packet pick-up is mandatory during these hours. There is no race morning packet pick-up.

When: Sunday, May 29th
10:00 AM –  6:00 PM.
Pro Tip: Remember, the first hour is always the busiest time, so consider coming after.

Where: Palmer Event Center
900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704

The Pick Up Process:

  1. Have your bib number, your photo ID, and your proof of annual USAT license
    • if you purchased a one-day license we will have that on file when you pick-up
  2. Go to any kiosk to pick up your CapTex Tri swag bag that will include the items pictured above including your timing chip.
    • Shirt exchange will only be available AFTER the event at the information tent on the race site. There is no exchange at the expo
  3. Exit into the expo and check out what our awesome vendors have to offer.
  4. Get your bike stickers out of your packet, and apply them to your bike.
  5. Take your bike over to Bike Check In located across the street at Auditorium Shores. The Entrance for Bike Check In is located by the west sidewalk just past the finish line.


Per USAT regulations, you must pick up your packet in person during pick-up hours. No exceptions. No one else can pick up your packet for you. Guardians can pick up for minors, 17 years or younger,  but the minor must be present.

See What’s In Your Packet

Transition & Bike Check In

Sunday bike check-in is mandatory

When: 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Transition is at Auditorium Shores
From expo: Exit north doors and cross Riverside Dr. Bike check-in is at the southwest corner of transition near the finish line. Please refer to the Site and Transition Map for location details. Your bike must be numbered before you drop it off. You will need your wristband to drop off. Once your bike is in transition you will not be able to remove it without your wristband and bib number.


  • Your bike must have its stickers before you drop it in transition, therefore you have to pick up your race packet before arriving at bike check-in.
  • Sunday is for bike check-in only. Please do not lay any items out before race morning.
  • Please do not put a cover on your bike after racking.


Sunday, March 29
10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Monday, March 30
5:30 AM – Transition opens for all distances
6:40 AM – Transition closes for Olympic distance
7:40 AM – Transition closes for Rookie & Sprint distance
10:45 AM – Transition opens for Rookie & Sprint distance
11:15 AM – Transition opens for Olympic distance

There are two transition areas, one for rookie and sprint distances and one for the olympic distance. Only participants are allowed into the transition area. Friends, family, children and pets must stay outside of the transition area. Racks will be labeled based on Age Group. Please rack neatly with your items under your bike. 7-8 bikes should fit per rack. There is overnight security for the entire site.

Marking Your Spot

The best way to mark your spot is with a bright colored towel. No balloons are allowed and will be taken down. Do not tape or mark the transition racks.

Race Morning Gear Check In

You will enter through the “Run Out” gate on the west side of transition to get your gear set up on race morning. The east exit will be closed completely.

After Your Finish – Bike Check-Out

Bikes must stay racked in transition after you complete the bike portion of the event. Bike check-out will not begin until the final cyclist has completed the bike course, we expect this to be around 10:45 for the Sprint/Rookie and 11:15 for the Olympic Distance.

Participants will be let in a few at a time if they need to collect something after they finish but before bike check out. Bikes cannot be removed from racks, removing your bike from the rack can result in disqualification. Please be courteous to your fellow participants and volunteers.

Course Information

You can find swim, bike, and run course maps here. Please make sure you are familiar with all three courses.

Bike Course:

  • Sprint & Rookie = two loops
  • Olympic course = four loops

Run Course:

  • Sprint & Rookie = one loop
  • Olympic course = two loops

Start Times & Waves

Swim Waves Group Zone3 Swim Cap Color*
7:00 AM Pro/Elite Grey
7:01 AM Olympic – Men 29 & Under Yellow
7:04 AM Olympic – Men 30-39 Orange
7:07 AM Olympic – Men 40-49 Green
7:10 AM Olympic – Men 50 & Over Pink
7:13 AM Olympic – Women 29 & Under White
7:16 AM Olympic – Women 30-39 Light Blue
7:19 AM Olympic – Women 40-49 Purple
7:22 AM Olympic – Women 50 & Over Red
7:25 AM Olympic – Aquabike and Relay Grey
7:50 AM Sprint – Men 29 & Under Yellow
7:53 AM Sprint – Men 30-39 Orange
7:56 AM Sprint – Men 40-49 Green
7:59 AM Sprint – Men 50 & Over Pink
8:02 AM Sprint – Women 29 & Under White
8:05 AM Sprint – Women 30-39 Light Blue
8:08 AM Sprint – Women 40-49 Purple
8:11 AM Sprint – Women 50 & Over Red
8:14 AM Sprint – Aquabike and Relay Grey
8:30 AM Rookie – Men 29 & Under Yellow
8:31 AM Rookie – Men 30-39 Orange
8:32 AM Rookie – Men 40-49 Green
8:33 AM Rookie – Men 50 & Over Pink
8:34 AM Rookie – Women 29 & Under White
8:35 AM Rookie – Women 30-39 Light Blue
8:36 AM Rookie – Women 40-49 Purple
8:37 AM Rookie – Women 50 & Over Red


Public parking is available throughout downtown Austin. Specific parking lots open to Life Time Tri CapTex athletes and spectators are:

Palmer Events Center parking garage – 900 Barton Springs Rd.
Parking fee: $8

One Texas Center – 505 Barton Springs Rd.
Parking fee: $8

Parking is also available at many other downtown parking lots and garages. Please do not park in the lots of local businesses, restaurants, or on the streets in the local neighborhoods. We encourage the use of public transportation for race morning.


All finishers will receive a medal at the finish line. Awards will be given based on categories and the top 3 in each Age Group, you can review awards categories and age groups here.

Results may change during and after the event. Results are not official until announced by race staff. To contest or update results, you can visit the results tent on-site or after the event please contact RunFar Timing.

Results will be posted on MyChipTime.

Special Offers

*Best Pricing for 2023!*

Be sure and stop by the 2023 CapTex Tri booth at the Expo to get a one-day only 50% off 2023! This offer is only available at the expo or to our newsletter subscribers.

Following the event special launch pricing will be available from Monday, May 30 through Friday, June 10th, so don’t miss out.

We would love to see you again next year on May 29, 2023.

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Relay Teams

All relay members must go to packet pick up to show ID and proof of USAT license. Team members do not need to go to packet pickup at the same time because each individual can check-in separately. However, the final person to check in is the only one who will receive the timing chip.

Click here for all things related to relay teams including:

  • Team packet pick up instructions & requirements
  • What’s in the team packet
  • Relay Team USAT rules

Common Question & Answers

Can my friend/spouse/ etc pick up my packet for me?

  • No, you must be present with your photo id and proof of USAT membership to get our packet. No one else can pick up for you.
  • Guardians can pick up minors, 17 years or younger, but the minor must be present.

Do I have to wear the tattoos and bib number?

  • Yes, you must be body marked – tatoo’d – for this event. Read above on how to apply the tattoos to your arms.
  • The bib number must be worn on the run. It is preferred if you can also wear the bib on the bike, but it is not required.

Can I do a practice swim before the race?

  • No, there are no lifeguards on duty before the event to allow for a practice swim.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

  • At CapTex Tri the water temperature is usually wetsuit legal, under 78 degrees. But, depending on the summer it has been known to be warmer. The official call is not made until the official reading on race morning.

I am nervous about the swim. If I run into trouble, what can I do?

  • Certified lifeguards will be in kayaks lining the swim course monitoring all swimmers. At any point, if you become tired or frightened, you may hold onto the kayak without being disqualified as long as it is not making forward motion. Flotation devices such as noodles and buoys are not permitted.

Can I swim with my friend/spouse/etc?

  • We understand this is not as fun but as a USAT sanctioned event and for safety on the course you must start in your assigned age group.

Is this a draft legal event?

  • As a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event drafting is not legal. You must maintain a minimum distance of 3 cycle lengths from other cyclists unless trying to overtake.

What are the course cut-off times?

  • Please review the schedule page to see all the required times for the different distances.

Can I listen to music during the race?

  • Participants may not use communication devices of any type, including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, and two-way radios, in any distractive manner during the competition. A “distractive manner” includes but is not limited to making or receiving phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, playing music, using social media, taking photographs, or using in a one or two-way radio communication. Using any communication device in this manner during the competition will result in disqualification.

Recorded Q&A with the Race Director, Dan Carroll