Relay Teams

The CapTex Tri offers Sprint and Olympic distance relays. Teams can be made up of two or three members. Make sure you review the helpful information below so race day goes as smoothly as possible for you and your team.

Packet Pick Up & USAT License

  • Each relay member must have a one-day or annual USAT membership.
  • All relay members must go to packet pick up to show ID and proof of USAT membership. Team members do not need to go to packet pickup at the same time because each individual can check in separately. However, the final person to check in is the only one who will receive the timing chip.

Relay Team Rules

  • Relays have a designated rack area in transition.
  • Relay teams share a velcro timing chip. It will be passed to each competitor to wear on the ankle during their leg of the race.
  • Timing chip exchange must take place in the relay corral located inside transition.
  • The bike must remain on the rack during team member timing chip exchange.
  • Relay team members may enter and exit transition during the race to access the relay corral. When not actively racing, relay team members can only enter or exit transition through the designated relay gate. Please watch out for competing athletes.

What’s in the Race Packet?

  • Wristband – Each team member must wear a wristband to enter transition. Put it on at home so that it does not get lost or forgotten. Please do not litter, even the little tab from the wristband needs to find its way to a trash can.
  • Timing Chip – This is the long black, spongy item with a number on it and a velcro strap to secure it around the ankle.
  • Race Bib – This will be worn during the biking and running portion of the race.
  • Bike Stickers – There is one for the bike seat post and one for your bike helmet.
  • Swim Cap – The color of the cap indicates a relay team.

Relay Pen in Transition

A designated relay pen will be set up near the run out area of the transition. All timing chip exchanges have to take place in this tent. Relay teams will use this area for both transitions. Upon completion of the swim, the swimmer will meet the cyclist in the relay pen to give them the timing chip.  The cyclist will put on the timing chip then run to get their bike from the rack and proceed to the bike course. Upon completion of the bike course, the cyclist will rack their bike and meet their runner in the relay pen. Runner will exit to complete the race.

Finisher Medals & Awards

Each relay team member will receive a finisher medal. If you’re the swimmer or the biker tell the volunteer at the finish line that you’re a relay member to get your medal. The top three teams will receive a team award.

Swimmer finishes the swim and enters transition, swim team member proceeds to the relay corral to exchange timing chip with bike team member. Bike team member secures the timing chip on their ankle and proceeds to the relay rack to retrieve the bike , helmet, etc. Bike team member walks the bike to the mount line to start the bike. After finishing the bike, dismounting and racking bike, the bike team member proceeds to the relay corral to exchange timing chip with the run team member. Run team member secures the chip on their ankle and proceeds onto the run course.

Learn more about how to pick up your packet HERE.