Join the CapTex Virtual Triathlon 2024: Your Race, Your Pace!

Unlock the Virtual Challenge: Swim, Bike, Run on Your Schedule

The CapTex Virtual Triathlon offers you the unique opportunity to conquer the swim, bike, and run segments on your own terms. Whether you’re a triathlon veteran or a first-timer, this event is tailored to fit your life, letting you choose when and where to complete each part. Dive into this flexible and fulfilling challenge from May 27, 2024, until June 10, 2024, and achieve your fitness goals with the freedom you’ve never had before.

Participant Perks: Beyond the Finish Line

Embarking on the CapTex Virtual Triathlon journey is not just about achieving your fitness goals; it’s also about the rewards waiting for you at the finish line:

  • A woman running in the captor triathlon in Austin, Texas along a running trail in the bright sunshine with sunglasses gives the thumbs upA woman running in the captor triathlon in Austin, Texas along a running trail in the bright sunshine with sunglasses gives the thumbs upRace Essentials: Receive your bib number, plus helmet and bike numbers, ensuring you’re race-ready.
  • Hydration On-the-Go: Stay hydrated with a custom reusable water bottle, perfect for training sessions and everyday use.
  • Celebrate Your Success: Show off your hard-earned awesome Finisher Medal—a symbol of your accomplishment and dedication.
  • Official Swag: Wear your achievements with pride with an official race shirt, a reminder of your incredible journey.

Why Choose CapTex Virtual Triathlon?

  • Flexibility: Complete the triathlon according to your schedule and preferred locations, offering unmatched convenience.
  • Motivation and Achievement: Set and achieve personal goals at your pace, celebrating every milestone along the way.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Beyond personal fulfillment, enjoy a range of tangible rewards, including a custom water bottle, an awesome finisher medal, and an official race shirt, commemorating your participation.
  • A Supportive Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, tips, and encouragement.
  • Virtual Distances
  • Rookie
  • Sprint
  • Olympic
  • Swim
  • 300m
  • 500m
  • 1500m
  • Bike
  • 12.3 miles
  • 12.3 miles
  • 24.3 miles
  • Run
  • 2 miles
  • 3.1 miles
  • 6.2 miles

How to Join

Ready to make your mark in the CapTex Virtual Triathlon? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register Online: Secure your spot by signing up on our website. Choose your challenge and join a community of motivated athletes.
  2. Pick Your Distance & Plan Your Race: Decide where and when to complete your swim, bike, and run segments between May 27 and June 10, 2024. Tailor the triathlon to fit your life.
  3. Track Your Progress: Use your favorite fitness app to keep track of your achievements and share your journey using #CapTexTriVirtual for a chance to connect with fellow participants.

Mailing Details: Get Your Gear Delivered

  • Virtual Race Packet: All registered participants will receive their virtual race packets, including all the perks listed above, shipped directly to them.
  • Shipping Schedule: Expect your virtual packet to arrive three to four weeks after the official race date, giving you something exciting to look forward to post-race.
  • Note on Shipping: Please note that shipping is available only within the US. Ensure your address is up to date to avoid any delays in receiving your well-deserved rewards.

Your Race, Your Story

With the CapTex Virtual Triathlon, every stride, pedal, and stroke brings you closer to personal triumph. It’s about setting your goals, facing the challenge, and crossing your personal finish line. Register now for an experience that transcends the traditional race format, offering flexibility, rewards, and a sense of community. Let’s celebrate fitness, determination, and the spirit of triathlon together. Embrace the journey, earn your medals and swag, and make the CapTex Virtual Triathlon a milestone in your athletic journey!